THE MAN (Nick Gomez) is a simple man with simple pleasures‐‐his souped up rat rod motorcycle and his man cave

‐‐just a shack tucked behind a decent house in Uptown New Orleans. He keeps mostly to himself and lives a spartan

existence, owning just a humble cot, a dog, and his most prized possession, a box of photos of his interesting life as a world

traveler. He spends time photographing his surroundings and supports himself via petty theft. Any money he doesn’t need for survival he gives away to the homeless and the sick neighbor girl he has befriended (Angelique Berry).


He takes a seemingly simple grab‐and‐drop job‐‐thinking he is picking up a mysterious package at the airport and delivering it to

Chinese businessmen in the French Quarter. The package turns out to be a young sex tourist looking to pay for her world travels. When

he sees them treat her roughly however, he takes the girl and hides her from them at his neighbor’s house. The Chinese begin to search

for them both. Penniless, he heads out looking for money for survival.


One night, a beautiful woman named LISA crosses his path. He robs her and, unbeknownst to him, she follows him. When Lisa sees that The Man is a good person, choosing to live humbly and give away any earthly possessions (and her money), she takes an interest in him. She is a wealthy, mysterious woman with a rooftop penthouse. She shows him a different life, and begins falling for him, yet he is not moved. She then steals his precious box of photos, which definitely gets his attention. She makes him an offer: if he will do a small robbery for her, she will return his precious photos. He reluctantly agrees to do the job, and she introduces him to her fellow associates: safecrackers, hackers, explosive experts, con men and

muscle (Wendell Pierce, etc.).


He is tempted by the easy money as they are seasoned professionals, but he botches a job‐‐accidentally showing his face to the mark (Bai Ling).

The mark is a former associate of the gang, and sends her new team after him, including her most skilled tracker and marksman.

The Man brutally fights his way free, now ready to do some damage. He agrees to do one last job for Lisa‐‐a juggernaut of a job

involving an elaborate break in to a modern mansion housing the money and jewels the team stole from a previous job, but were

ultimately cheated out of by the original mastermind of the operation. This mastermind relocated to New Orleans, thinking the gang wouldn’t be able to track her down, but they did. The juggernaut heist goes well but the haul makes everyone in the gang greedy. Lisa turns the men on each other, and they all fight over the money, until only The Man and her survive. But at what cost?






Budget: $300K


Shoot time: 3 weeks


Director/Producer: Keith Alan Morris & Kendra Jones Morris 


Nick Gomez:  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0327063/