Women are being abducted in Haiti and brought to the U.S. as sex slaves. Former freedom fighter now aid worker JANE discovers a trail that takes her to Uptown New Orleans’ mansions, now modern speakeasies with hidden passageways leading to elaborate hubs of human trafficking. She is caught and spirited away for discovering the illicit activity, but not without her co­worker ALEXA­­ a mysterious woman in a fancy dress ­­hot on her heels trying to save her.


Alexa, the tougher of the two, almost succeeds in rescuing Jane, but is ultimately outnumbered and fails. Jane’s body is thrown over a bridge and­­though Alexa dives in after her­­ she’s too late. Jane dies, but not before passing on who is involved, leaving Alexa hell­bent on revenge for the friend who saved her life in the jungles of Venezuela years ago. Alexa ventures into the French Quarter during Mardi Gras with a simple goal: kill the six specific sex traffickers named by Jane. To help her in her quest, Alexa steals the files of SCOTT, who—unbeknownst to her—is a new FBI agent following the same human traffickers. He knows the six actually answer to much more powerful criminals.


Alexa is a troubled girl, and it makes her dangerous. Unhinged by the death of Jane, she reverts back to her violent past life in Venezuela, armed to the teeth and not afraid to make a messy statement. She stalks and tracks her prey, killing anyone in her way. When the body count rises and Scott begins to see Alexa’s patterns, he quickly moves in to stop her, before her actions send the larger targets into hiding. Instead of merely hiding, however, the larger targets contract a ruthless assassin, codenamed SARA, to track whoever is picking off their lower­level employees. Sara is an excellent shot and tracker, and soon discovers Alexa’s weakness—her ex­husband and two daughters. When Scott and Alexa finally meet head­to­head, SARA surprises them both, shoots Scott, and sends Alexa running wounded from a crashed car into the woods. She tracks Alexa, now the prey, and captures and tortures her. Alexa reveals she has set an explosive device to kill Sara’s employer and must be freed to stop it. Sara then reveals her trump card—that she has kidnapped Alexa’s family. 


With both caught in a classic Catch 22, they decide to settle matters with a lady’s duel—a knife fight to the death. Sara, knowing Alexa is badly injured already, misjudges her and ultimately loses. Alexa then races to free her family, leaving a wounded Sara limping after her. Alexa has picked the wrong girl to maim however. Sara, former military herself, has a high pain threshold and a faster car. Just when Alexa is about to rescue her family, other professional killers arrive, killing Alexa’s ex in the melee. Alexa survives and rescues her daughters, then rushes to the trap house searching for the ringleaders. Sara catches up to her there, and is horrified to see that the sex slaves are drugged and kept in cages. She then joins forces with Alexa and Scott to release all of the women and try to catch the ringleaders. They collide at a remote airfield and—just in time—catch the other professionals.



Budget: $300K


Shoot time: 3 weeks


Director/Producer: Kendra Jones Morris & Keith Alan Morris