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new orleans wedding photographer; kendra jones photography



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Our lives tell a story...each day we weave decisions and moments that create the fabric of our lives..let us capture those unique moments for you...xo

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Your time and money is precious.  As a professional wedding photographer for almost 20 years you can trust these precious elements with my team with confidence and ease..


MADDIE, Georgia

"Oh my…. These are SO beautiful!!!!!!! I don’t even have words, I am so happy. Thank you so much for everything, Kendra! " 

NYTIA, Texas

Our wedding was so beautiful and Kendra captured all the little details of our special day. Kendra kept us calm and smiling at each other. Kendra was so kind, sweet, and easy to talk to. Our pictures are amazing/stunning and we can't stop looking at them!

CORA, Louisiana

Kendra is absolutely amazing! First of all, and most importantly, my pictures are phenomenal! They are exactly what my husband and I wanted.
Secondly, Kendra was a joy to work with! Even my guests raved about her professionalism and how she would pull them aside and take pictures of them! 


Just like every person is unique, so is every story and path to marriage.  We count each occasion a privilege to be a part of and understand the each couple's needs are special to them and their loved ones..xo

New Orleans Wedding Photographer

trust the pros..

as a husband/wife team, whose work has been shown on NETFLIX, Amazon Prime and more you can trust us to capture those tender moments that you won't even notice until you watch your custom film


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before each wedding date..there's often a boduquir date..these sessions are private, intimate, and fun.  bring the bridesmaids along to help you come up with some fun poses or skip off to the city on your own ..your groom will thank you...xo



5 out of 5 rating

Kendra is fantastic! She did our engagement photos and will also be doing our upcoming wedding. She is very professional and does a great job giving cues to get a good shot. Her turn around time from shooting to editing was super quick and I am so happy with how the photos came out!

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1. LET'S CONNECT! - bookings go quickly

2. Tell us your dreams!
- what's your vision

3. Lets make a plan!
- first looks, first celebrations, 2nd lines and more!

4. Trust us!
- this is your one and only, this is what we do


They form us, they instill in us, and they guide us throughout life.  We count it a privilege to be able to enter into families lives for all seasons.  Whether it's the yearly holiday card, the newborn session or graduation, we count each moment with you a gift...Thank You!

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